Scruton the shining light

He’s been there, seen it, done it and got the Grand Final winners ring. Nick Scruton has racked up  over 300 senior appearances in a fifteen year career in the engine room, but I will admit i was sceptical when he came to Rovers last season, stepping down a division at 32 (33 on Christmas Eve).

I reckoned he was here for an easier ride and a decent last contract and see out  his career with little stress. He could have walked away from his deal even before it had started and he had offers to remain in Super League but true to his word and actions he committed to his deal and bought into what was needed for us to go back up.

I’ll hold my hands up and say I was very wrong, Scrutsy has played 25 times this year for the Robins and has been consistently good for us. He’s led from the front and fronted up when needed.

For example how different could our Qualifying 8s campaign have been if it wasn’t for his match winning try late on against Halifax in a man of the match performance in the first game. Lose that game and the pressure on us goes through the roof, obviously we wouldn’t be in the position to rest over half the team whist they go on the piss in the last two games.

Ironically Scrutsy is one of those who will be having an operation(s) over the winter and getting the job done early gives him and the others another three weeks recovery time, its fair to say Nick has been playing busted in some games recently, rumour has it that he’s been playing jabbed up with shoulder and wrist injuries yet it hasn’t shown on the pitch.

When we’ve needed a big stint from a forward Nick has done it, he’s the leader of the pack and if him and Mose can come out fit and firing next year, they will scare the shit out of some Super League packs. In my opinion we need another couple brutal bastards in the pack over the year to give us a fighting chance to get in the Super 8’s next season.

It’s been abundantly clear to even the most biased Robins fan that our last season in SL our pack was consistently bullied into submission on a number of occasions which is a recipe for disaster. With Nick, Mose and another couple along with some of the younger lads that won’t happen as much and the games we need to win, we will be competitive at least.

Scruton and his family have bought into everything Hudgell and Sheens set out at the beginning of the year and he’s proved week in week out that he isn’t here for a holiday.

Sheens said at the start of the qualifiers that the lads in the side with SL experience had to stand up and show their SL quality for the seven games and boy have they done that with two games to spare. Scruton took that on board and has blasted past, through and around anyone in his way. Scruton playing well has been a catalyst for the other ugly fuckers up front to follow his lead and drag us over the line when we’ve needed it most.

To play 25 games this year when in reality he could have been rested in some of the ‘easier’ games proves to me that he’s a winner who doesn’t shirk his responsibilities  and treats every game like a final. The rest of the side seem to lift when Nick is on the pitch and he drags them up a level, rather like big chinned Gareth Ellis does for the Dullers.

Hopefully Nick recovers quickly from his surgery and has a nice long break over the winter and comes back even better next season. He’s proved over his long career that he is consistent…consistently good and he has got better with age.

I hope that Scrutsy is recognised when it comes to handing out the awards at the end of his magnificent season because he thoroughly deserves something, but it’s fair to say he will have some competition amongst the squad. I’d love to see him honoured because I genuinely believe if we hadn’t had Nick Scruton in our side this year we may have been facing another year in the Championship and not looking forward to knocking shite out of some Billy big bollocks, and especially that lot from over the river in Super League.

Scrutsy has been THAT good this year I can just about forgive him for been an ex Duller AND ex Whino. Just.



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