Home comforts won’t be enough to prevent Championship dogfight

Already this early in the season the alarm bells are starting to ring. Reality needs to kick in pretty damn quick otherwise we may just get out of this division through the trap door and not the stairway to heaven.

Talk of bouncing straight back to the promised land has dried up quicker then camel piss in the desert, with only the most optimistic fans believing the only way is up, the sort of fan who also believes that fairies exist and Steve Bruce will win Mr Universe in the next two years.

Realists and pessimists (like me) can only look the other way. When the Allam’s pulled the rug from under Slutsky’s feet to reveal a giant black hole where the transfer kitty was supposed to be, it became evident to me and many others alike that consolidation and Championship mid table mediocrity should be classed as a decent result for the season. Perspective.

I’m not one for calling out individual players, but as a collective, well of the ones that remained either because they wanted to or their agents didn’t beg other clubs enough to get them into ‘I’m a City player…..get me out of here’, and the players that have come in have yet to gel enough to or show enough mettle or quality to get us any higher then mid table, but do look like they could quite easily get dragged into the relegation whirlpool.

Having said that we have seen one or two gems come to the fore, such as Jarrod Bowen but as we all know if he continues his hot streak, Ehab will be telling us before our New Year hangovers have subsided that  “It was always Jarrod’s wish to sit on the bench for Derby, so how could we stand in his way”. Translated to “Our lass wants a pink range rover and I’ve got the next instalment on my yacht to pay”.

Slutsky needs to find, and quickly, what his best side is and get them working together. We can’t afford to rely on our home form to keep us in this division and have to get on the front foot away from home.

Terry Waite was in captivity less time then its taking us to win away and recently it’s the manner of the defeats that scare the shite out of me. Getting hammered away at Derby and conceding soft goals at Fulham were bad enough but to throw away a win at Reading is unbelievable. Reading this year are shit and Jaap Stam is under more pressure then being sat on by Big Daddy but somehow we managed to get in front but again couldn’t see it out.

Backing off quicker then the Italian army in the 2nd half we invited the Royals to do what the fuck they liked and totally switched off AGAIN around the 85th minute mark and let them in.

This has to stop, we are dropping points to sides that we need to be hammering. Despite a positive win over Birmingham, we are are in among the dead men as it is and have only really do what was expected against Bolton and Burton at home. Coming up after yet another international break we are on the road twice again at Norwich and Barnsley so the mentality and concentration has to be for 90 or 95 minutes and not 85!!

Leonid needs to be a little less pragmatic and a lot more lunatic and go for it, even at this early stage of the season, otherwise our big game next year could be Scunny at home. albeit in front of a record crowd (if you believe Ehab’s way of counting)

Well I did tell you I was a pessimist.


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