Remember those who love you the most

Arriving at Craven Park two hours early, the anticipation was surreal, the excitement palpable, and every fan was dreaming of the perfect afternoon.

As kick off approached the pulsating ground grew in number and expectation. The feel of real occasion was obvious. These days, these big games don’t happen that often. The magnitude was immeasurable, for both sides. There was so much riding on such a short space of time, though to be honest from a Rovers fans perspective 80 minutes may well have been 180, as every second seemingly prolonged to exaggerate the tension.

We showed some quality worthy of promotion. That off-load for Thomas Minns’ try was exceptional—the big man Mose Masoe certainly excelled.

We were up at half time in a game dominated by defence and it was as close and as nerve tingling as we expected. Again defences dominated the second half, and it would take something special to change the course of the game.

It happened in the shape of Ryan Shaw and his fantastic interception. The East stand bounced for the five or six seconds it took him to get to the line, then a lager shower fell onto us, ticker tape and balloons launched into the air, pure ecstasy!! Wow!!

On the final hooter all emotional boundaries were crossed, kids hugging spouses, couples kissing, grown men crying tears borne of adept hurt that befell the club last year in such dire circumstance.

We were back and objective achieved. To a man the players were phenomenal, digging deep and finding reserves of energy I’m sure even they never knew they had, and the celebrations on the pitch at the end where memories for life. We are back where we feel we belong, amongst the elite, back to the big events every week, and rightfully so, a team to worship, fans that are a credit to the club and a boardroom driven by a desire unrivalled by any other boardroom in the sport.

Elation is a feeling we truly don’t feel that often, well let me tell you now, there were over 8000 home fans in that stadium that felt it’s full power!!

East hull partied long into the night, social media from fans and players alike highlighting the true extent of joy felt by all. I as a fan feel vindicated, we chose to stick by our club when the was every possibility of despondency and self pity, so just in case you missed it, Hull KR are back, Hull KR are Super League. Wahoooooo!! Mike Sexton, loyal, proud and honoured Rovers fan, for life!


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