Radders: The making of a legend

From the moment he landed a right hook on Ryan Bailey, Radders was a cult hero at Hull FC.

An uncompromising player who never took a backward step Lee had a tough start at Hull as a coach. The Radford out banners appeared very early but what fools they look now.

Radders has a model in his head of how he wants Hull to play. He’s never satisfied and he is striving to make Hull the dominant force we all crave. Not that I know him, but the times I have spent with him at both dinners and academy games, he is funny, level headed and very focused.

Yes two wins at Wembley have set the bench mark, is he happy? You would think so, but no he was striving to be better.

Always learning, Radders is looking for every advantage he can get. He is backed by Adam Pearson who has 100% faith in him, well so have the faithful—even that lad at Wigan with the bed sheet.

The coach never gets the credit he deserves, he along with the coaching staff set the tone for the way the club play. Ours may be based on a tried model he is used to from his days at Bradford, but it’s one that is bringing it’s own rewards.

The hours spent planning and scheming is bringing trophies, and it’s bringing fans back to the KCOM.

The passion that he has shines through everything he does. The calmness he portrays rubs off on our playing staff, from player to trainer. Never afraid to throw in a player or two Radders has moulded these players into very good additions to our squad, and has made them our own.

What we have we should embrace, a coach of the highest quality and ours I hope for years to come. My only worry is that he is so motivated others will come knocking. He will want to prove himself at the highest level.

Adam your task should you wish to undertake it is to tie him down for as long as possible. Give him the freedom of West Hull, as he owns the East already. #Believe.




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