Even when Ehab speaks he pisses you off!

When Ehab said in May that he would be more open and honest with the fans, I feared the worst and within the last week I seriously believe them fears are slowly being realised.

Every time he opens his mouth, shit falls out and proves that the only person that matters in his world is himself. Questioning fans backing of the team is bad enough but comparing our backing of the players and Slutsky and saying we should all unite as one is blinkered and stupid, he obviously hasn’t seen banners or heard the ‘back the team NOT the regime’ chants, but using examples of Millwall and Leeds (scum) United as supporters to use as a model is downright insulting and inciting, he’s probably got more supporters within the ranks of the Cockney dickheads or Yorkshire’s window lickers then he will ever have in Hull.

When God wanted a shit he splattered all over Bermondsey and Leeds is a by product of 1000’s of years of inbreeding and been over familiar with farm animals, so if it wasn’t a conscious decision to wind up the Tigers faithful who could be bothered to read or listen to his shite then he as the ability to be a complete cockwomble without even realising it. In fact I wonder if Ehab was born in Leeds or watch’s Shaun the sheep videos regularly.

I’d rather be Rolf Harris’ defence lawyer then ever be compared to a bunch of Cockney gypo’s who save up money to travel up and down the country wrecking stadia by starring in threesome videos with their Mam and sisters. As for been unfavourably compared to the six fingered fuckwits from West Yorkshire is about as low as you can get for a City fan but Ehab seems to think its a rallying call.

As the master of the understatement he calls the membership scheme and zonal ticketing system a little controversial and how cheap the tickets were, without actually grasping the fact that it splits families, mates, young and old and was in direct contravention of League rules.

Bill Wyman marrying a schoolgirl or declaring war on Scotland is a little controversial compared to the ‘fuck you all’ attitude the Allam’s have when it comes to the ticketing scam they have perpetrated and will continue to do until the day they leave. He doesn’t give a toss about how its affected the core support of the club and couldn’t give a shit if North Ferriby United got bigger crowds then City, they make up the numbers anyway.

The amount of money they’ve pillaged from the club from transfers with no real re-investment is obscene yet he thinks the transfer window went well and all dealings out of the club were warranted and couldn’t be stopped…..yeah right, the only beneficiary of the good business was the bloke who flogged you a yacht or Kwik Fit who supply the tyres for yet another new car you’ll park (badly) at the KCOM or Napoleon’s.

I for one preferred it when Ehab was about as open as Mother Superior’s legs and said fuck all because every time I hear his sneering voice I want to stick shit covered nails into my eyes and ears.

When using the scummers from Elland road as role models he should compare himself to Andrea Radrizzani their owner and see what he has done in no time at all over there to get them going in the right direction, by essentially blowing smoke up the fans arse’s and giving them what they want or say what they want to hear, he has even backed the Ladies team and brought them into the fold, unlike our owners who do nothing whatsoever for Hull City Ladies.

Little gestures like this and investing in the manager and squad endear him to the fan base, (in the short term at least) instead of proverbially shafting them up the arse and wiping his cock on the curtains on the way out.


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