Is this the greatest ever Hull FC side?

I have regular discussions with our editor Dan how great this current squad is compared to squads of yesteryear.

I have been a Hull FC fan since 1973 when my dear old dad took me to the Boulevard aged four and I’ve seen the best and the worst of times following my beloved FC and I’ve argued that the 80’s squad was the best and until this squad won honours on a regular basis they couldn’t compare.

As anyone who knows me will say, I’m a stubborn, argumentative old bastard who is always right (even when I’m wrong), but it pains me in a good way to say that Dan and my son Sam might be right.

Winning at Wembley last year was all my Dad and I ever wanted to see, but unfortunately my old man didn’t live long enough to see it, but when it happened I remember saying to Sam through floods of tears “I can die a happy man now”.

I thought I’d never get the same feeling again but I was wrong. To go back this year and beat a side like Wigan was up there with it.

Whatever Wigan side get to a final, they ALWAYS show up ready for the fight and never ever give up, unlike some of their fans who like to be home before the final hooter especially when it isn’t going too well, though in fairness they stayed yesterday, well until Burgess’ late try was chalked off anyway.

This side showed in spades that they deserve to be classed as one of the best we have ever assembled. It’s got everything needed to be the best ever, skill, grit, strength, work ethic, team spirit and togetherness in abundance.

EVERY single player on that pitch in black and white showed the attributes outlined above to the maximum and some like Sneyd, Watts, Fonua and Talanoa went beyond maximum, and should really wear their underpants on the outside to show the world they are Supermen!!

We dominated the game for long periods but the Pies stood up manfully and fought to the end which shows what a to side they are, and have been, for so many years.

Like them or loathe them they know how to play cup final rugby and we proved beyond any doubt that WE know how to play the same game.

Yeah it was tense and nerve wracking but we toughed it out to win and showed the watching world that we are a champion side and this 2017 vintage is up there with the 80’s squads. This squad will overtake the golden age of Hull FC in the near future because of their work ethic, mentality and will to win that they all possess as does our supreme leader, Lee Radford.

As I walked away from Wembley, one gracious Pie fan of advancing years said to me, “I’ve seen some big game players in my time and Marc Sneyd is up there with the best, he killed us today”.

High praise from a supporter of a team with Wigan’s stature is endorsement enough for me, so Dan and Sam you may just be right for ONCE!!


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  1. I’m a Rovers fan and if you think this current FC side is anywhere near as good as the sides between 1978 and 1986 you need to give your head a bang. Norton, Lloyd, Sterling,Topliss,Farrar, Stone,Evans, Harkin, Woods, Crooks, Schofield, Duke, Prendiville, Crane, O’Hara, Leuluai,Kemble … and many more .

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