HCAFC: The movement is mobilising

In our last issue we told you about a new organised protest movement, Hull City Action For Change (HCAFC), who are looking to help get the Allams out of the club as quickly as possible.

Following more meetings amongst a growing number of fans looking to get involved their first protest event has been organised.

The rally is planned for the Birmingham game at the KCOM on 30th September. A giant flag has been purchased and will be unveiled in the concert room of the William Gemmell pub before the game. With discussions with the Police ongoing it’s hoped that the Giant Flag can then be marched from the pub to West Park to the point where David Burns now broadcasts from, outside the main entrance to the KCOM, where it is hoped local and national media will take snaps of fans signing the flag and marching it through the park.

As we have mentioned it’s only right that we express our disgust at the club for degrading City’s best known broadcaster to doing his pre match build up near a bin outside the stadium and only allowing his station to broadcast updates during the game. Burnsy and his partner in crime Swanny were the voice of City and this is just another blow delivered by the Egyptian dictators.

The founders of the HCAFC movement want as many people as possible to arrive at the William Gemmell pub before 2pm on the 30th to sign the giant flag and march it towards the KCOM Stadium. This new movement is organised and quickly growing but the more people that get involved the more exposure the campaign will get which will help achieve it’s main goal of ousting the Allams.

The recent ruling by the Premier League which stated the Hull City broke it’s rules on concessions last season has added further fuel to the fire after the Allams were so defiant over their membership scheme when they launched it. They don’t even regard the Premier League in high enough esteem to obey their rules so they certainly aren’t going to give a toss about the fans!

They have said they will bring back concessions if City are promoted, next joke. With the money or lack of it they have given Leonid Slutsky to invest in the squad they won’t have to worry about bringing back concessions any time soon.

The majority of us agree the Allams have to go and the HCAFC movement needs to be backed by as many of us as possible to put them under pressure. The wheels are definitely in motion with a website and membership scheme in the pipeline and we hope they get the numbers they are hoping for to support them. The Birmingham game is a big opportunity to get the HCAFC campaign noticed in the local and national media and nothing puts pressure on unruly owners like a media campaign.

The group has more ideas it is ready to implement like Allamween face masks that look brilliant and will be on sale at the Middlesbrough game on 31st October with button badges also being purchased.

Use the #HCAFC to follow the campaign on social media and get down to the William Gemmell pub before the Brimingham game to sign the protest flag and be part of the march that day! The HCAFC movement is Mobilising.


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  1. If you get your wish and the Allams walk out after the Birmingham game can you enlighten us to whom takes over the club the day after ? Have you plans to buy it yourselves or have you someone else lined up ? In your own time…..

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