Allam’s, get out of OUR club

It’s time. For too long Hull City fans have been achingly patient with the Allams running our football club. Indeed, the goodwill shown to the family has been hyper extended well beyond all reasonable timescales of previous owners of our great club when matters go awry.

In fact, the Allams have out stayed their welcome for a number of years now. And yet, only now, in the past few days, have the majority of City fans reached tipping point.

Why it’s taken so long is perhaps the real nub of this debate. The Allam ownership has undoubtedly been the most divisive in the club’s 113 year history. It’s been brutal, uncompromising, thoughtless, vindictive and charmless. And none of it, in the beginning at least, was any fault of the fans. No, the paying punters merely became the political football between the football club and the local council over a spat regarding stadium ownership way back when. And we’re still paying for that particular fall out.

The irony is; the legacy the Allams craved when finally choosing when to depart Hull City could not be further from the one the family were striving for when originally taking over. Trying to run a football club on solid business principles is all well and good. Except… this is not a business. It’s a football club and always has been. And always will be. Self-confessed as not being ‘football people’ the naivety shown by the Allams is excruciating on this point alone.

Ultimately, the legacy the Allams now leave is broken and tarnished. The reputation of the Egyptian family is in tatters at Hull City, yet there is nobody to blame for this other than themselves. Even today, they are too pig-headed and stubborn to understand this. The Allams don’t get what they’ve done wrong to extract such ire from Hull City supporters. Indeed, they’ll leave this club – and still not get it.

The reasons are plentiful, but I’m not wasting paper, time and ink to reel off a telephone directory size list of faults, as these are well versed and documented by all and sundry before me. But the sea-change has (finally) arrived at the commencement of this particular Championship season – following relegation from the Premier League – that means the fans, in a vocal and uninhibited fashion as a minority, are now loudly calling for the Allams to leave.

The Allam apologists, if there are any lingering loafers out there, are thin and meek on the ground these days. The ownership of Hull City under Allam rule has become untenable; the relationship with the fans beyond repair and the impasse is now unbridgeable. This really is beginning of the end. It has to be for the good of all concerned, chiefly the club.

Proof, if it was ever needed, crystallized during an instantly forgettable Second Round Caraboa League Cup tie at Doncaster Rovers. Fielding a Hull City side that had six starts between the 18 players named, with an average age of 20 years old, why did 2,000 fans travel on a Tuesday night for an insignificant date with a League One side? There was only ever one reason for doing so. One reason only. You know it, I know it, the whole damn world now knows it.



Ian Waterson

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  1. The reason 2,000 went to Donny was because it was dirt cheap, £5 for over 60;s, £1 for kids and £10 for everyone else.

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