Why Super League needs Hull Kingston Rovers

As everyone knows, at the end of the 2016 season, Rovers’ ten year stay in Super League ended.

Although Salford won the Million Pound Game, Rovers’ relegation paved way for the thugs at Leigh Centurions to be promoted to the Super League.

Rovers though are now are back in the big time. So, the main question is, has the Super League missed Rovers?

The simple answer to this question, is absolutely. There is firstly the issue of the Hull Derby. Everyone knows the Hull Derby is the one true derby in Super League, and is one of the big money makers for both clubs and the RFL at Magic – so they will have certainly missed Rovers. In all seriousness, I think the City itself has missed the novelty of the Hull Derby. It is always the talk of the city, and is a game that really puts Hull on the map as a serious sporting City.

Both chairmen will miss the paycheck from 20,000 ticket sales as well. With the issue of the Hull Derby, comes the issue of the Magic Weekend. The Hull Derby is always one of the biggest spectacles of the event, with the game being the closing ceremony of the 2016 gimmick. The crowd this year was down dramatically, which is not surprising given Rovers’ season in the Championship. So Magic Weekend definitely needs Hull Kingston Rovers.

The main reason for why Super League misses Hull Kingston Rovers is because of the club as a whole. It could be strongly argued that both Hull FC and Hull KR have the best followings in the country, taking many more fans to home and away games than any other team, so to take away a huge chunk of that has really affected crowds and atmospheres throughout the season.

Rovers’ fans loyalty was seen at the start of the season – a lot of people would walk away from a sports club after a relegation to a lower league, so to see that most of the Red Army stuck with the team is a credit to them. Week after week they have outnumbered home crowds in the Championship and, after many close games, have pushed the team over the line.

So, all in all, Super League really has missed Rovers, and secretly all Super League fans are looking forward to them winning promotion back into the promised land.




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