Spare A Thought at Wembley…

For seven year old Jayden Newton. Jayden’s rugby team, Holderness Vikings, will be walking out onto the hallowed Wembley turf along with fellow team Beverley Braves, and proudly standing alongside their Hull FC heroes before the Challenge Cup final kicks off, but little Jayden will miss out on the big day.

Jayden’s mum, Sam, told us that the family holiday was booked long before the teams were selected for the honour. Both teams will also be part of the huge pre-match parade of teams walking around the perimeter of the field in front of around 70,000 Rugby League fans.

Sam said, “This would have been fab, they let him do the press article but we are away. I’m gutted he’s missing it, it would have been a fantastic opportunity. Jayden’s only been playing a couple of months and is turning into a terrific defender.”

We at FanaticHull are sorry to hear Jayden’s little story, but we’ll be covering the lad and his Holdeness Vikings team soon in an upcoming issue. No doubt the young player will have a lot to say.

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