Has Ehab really lost the plot?

Every week loyal Hull City fans must think ‘this can’t get any worse’ and every week it does.

So now it appears that the most controversial media outlet this side of North Korea have upset young Ehab enough for him to tear up the contract between YOUR club and Radio Humberside, yep the ‘shock jock’ Burnsy and his acidic side kick Swanny will no longer commentate on City….yes CITY not the Tigers because Attila the younger doesn’t like what has been said on the most benign media outlet ever. A radio station that would make Vatican FM sound as edgy as Oliver Reed on a three week bender.

Mainly because I don’t know how to change stations on my daughters DAB radio I listen to Humberside commentaries and that hard hitting sports round up show SportsTalk and they go out of their way not to offend anyone, especially any local power mad megalomaniacs.

After the usual bi-weekly narcissistic brain fart from Melton has wafted over the people of Hull, Humberside have been at pains to encourage a representative or even better Ehab himself to put across in more subtle terms then a proverbial kick in the bollocks the reasons behind the name change, the Airco Arena eviction, Steve Bruce walking out, Mike Phelan getting the job, Mike Phelan getting the sack, the membership scheme, the lack of concessions and on and on and on but he/they have chosen to keep schtum.

Burnsy’s biggest crime that I can think of is his insistence on calling Hull City….Hull City, which happens to be the name of the football club and what the FA insist it has to be called. He acknowledges the good and bad of City in games and calls it as he sees it, In other words he’s HONEST, what a dishonourable trait to have.

SportsTalk seem to have a democratic approach to the callers that ring in, and do have pro and anti Allam balance when they get enough to ring in, but to be fair to them it is increasingly difficult to find any pro-Allam fans, because as we live in a DEMOCRATIC society people are entitled to change their views on things and judging by social media and fans forums etc the Allams seem to have less support then a bra-less Katie Price.

I’d hazard a guess that the bastion of local sports journalism that will take over commentating on the Tigers will be instructed to call them just that…Hull Tigers. The commentaries won’t even be on the FM platform of Viking and relegated to Viking 2, at least if it’s a crap game they might throw in a jive bunny mega mix to lighten the mood.

The Allams have tried to strip everything away from Hull City AFC fans, mainly through foul means and bullying tactics but to ban the local BBC station because they haven’t liked what they have to listen to is petty and vindictive in the extreme.

What next will all fans have to swear allegiance to the Supreme leadership and take part in coordinated clapping and chanting like 1970’s China and any dissidents will be sentenced to hard labour.. or in other words listening to commentaries of the cod heads and yellow bellies south of the river.

So if you’d like a right of reply Mr Allam please get in touch and I’d be happy to put your side of the story………I won’t hold my breath.





  1. here here on that one….. we will never get to know where the promotion payments have gone, we will never get the story on where the parachute payments have gone etc etc, yet we haemorage players to nothing left, when in actual fact the money should have been spent on players, which is what its for, if Silva or Bruce for that matter had been given the cash, we would not be where we are now I have said all along the FA need to investigate where the millions have gone. Finally, Slutsky said Clucas was going now where, he was adamant, then he has gone and Slutsky was not at all happy, is it a case of the God of ass holes Ehab, has over ruled him and said get rid

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