What’s the deal with City’s owners?

Is it because we are at the end of the road to nowhere or the fact that the people of Hull will give anyone a chance? 

As loyal City fans endure the latest tyrannical reign of a family of deluded self obsessed pillocks, it got me thinking about previous incumbents of the Allam’s position as custodians of Hull City AFC.

For a long long time the Needler family ran the Tigers, until Christopher Needler decided that he was pissing in the wind and sold a massively in debt and dying on its arse club to Scarborough based ex rugby league player turned entrepreneur and businessman, Don Robinson in 1982. Robinson gave the place a lift and was truly ahead of his time and brought some ‘success’ including promotion from the bottom rung of the league ladder.

The Allam’s weren’t the first to have horses trotting round on a football pitch, who of the right age can forget Mr Chairman, Don Robinson riding round Boothferry riding a horse wearing a white Stetson, or handing out champagne like lemonade to all & sundry including kids to get the promotion party started.

Robinson was an eccentric who had some ludicrous ideas or came out with some outrageous statements (sound familiar) but ‘The Don’ was different because he knew that the club belonged to the fans!! He once stated “It’s their club, always will be and no one else’s” Robinson got it, it was a business but it wasn’t business only to Robinson. What would City be like today if Don had all the money at his disposal that is in the club now?

City have staggered between incompetent fools who couldn’t run a bath to dictatorial pricks who were run out of town. David Lloyd was another nutter who thought he’d rock up at the end of the road to nowhere and shaft the living daylights out of any City fan (and Hull FC fan) and threaten to close down what was/is held so dear to so many in our great City.

Locking the team and fans out of Boothferry Park was his death knell in Hull and was soon volleyed back down south to crawl back under the slimy rock he came from.

Amongst the lunatics there has been some decent owners (too few), Adam Pearson springs to mind, just ask any Hull FC fan you come across their opinion of Pearson and it will become quickly evident what he has done for them.

But what in the hell had he been drinking or smoking when he thought that Paul Duffen and Mr Invisible, Russell Bartlett could continue his work, them two spent other peoples money quicker then my Mrs on pay day and before we knew it City had 30p and a premium bond in the bank, though Bartlett did re-appoint Pearson when he realised that Duffen was to football finances what Bernard Manning was to political correctness!

When AP decided enough was enough and bought a rugby club instead, Bartlett realised he didn’t have a pot to piss in, so sought out a potential owner, who had the club at heart, held the fans in high regard, never told a lie, would do everything in the best interests of the club and its fans and take them onward and upward. When he couldn’t find anyone like this he flogged the club to the Allam’s for a quid!!

As it stands then all us ‘noisy’ fans can die when we want….etc etc you know the score, but when the Melton mob decide that we don’t appreciate all they’ve done for us, expect the unexpected and if you seen the yellow bus with square wheels and men in white coats outside the KCOM its nothing to worry about, it’ll just be our new owner starting work!

If there is a footballing God, its about time he gave the good folk of Hull a half decent owner who can see what is best for the club and more importantly the fans and he leaves Don Robinson’s statement spray painted on the boardroom walls. Don knew.




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