Rovers have learned their lessons

The win over Leigh in a close game, came from lessons learned from last season’s MPG heartbreak defeat and subsequent relegation.

How? you may ask, well with two minutes to go last year and up on the scoreboard the Robins let Salford dictate the speed of the play the ball and their go forward by been too ‘honest’.

Contrast that with the recent game at the LSV which in it’s context didn’t have has much riding on it but the importance of the comparable results certainly are.

Going into the final two minutes last week against Leigh the same scenario evolved, the Centurions threw everything they had to snatch the result, but instead of been the ‘honest’ team of last year, the Robins superbly marshalled by Shaun Lunt suddenly turned into the Wigan Warriors or Leeds Rhinos and used the ‘major’ plays that have been so successful for the Pies and Whinos sides for years.

Confident that their goal line defence could hold, Rovers gave away a number of penalties knowing full well Leigh needed a try. Ref Jack Smith eventually caught up and gave the lads a team warning with SIX seconds to go.

It was brilliant game management from coach Sheens and his on-field generals who totally stopped any Leigh momentum in the set and allowed their own defence to muscle up on their own line and come away with the win, that could well secure the MPG at the very least or even better automatic Super League return.

The subsequent meltdown from the gobshite Leigh chairman Derek Beaumont was hilarious, so funny in fact Manchester air traffic control warned all aircraft in the area to watch out for flying dummies and extra turbulence from a fucking giant hissy fit.

Taking to twitter he said ” I would like to congratulate Hull KR on their win today, but I can’t if that’s playing rugby in the last minutes, then I’m out!! Piss poor”

Well Derek its tactics that all the successful sides in RL have used over the years to control games to their advantage and coming from the owner of a side who give more penalties out then the most zealous traffic warden ever its a bit fucking rich.

Leigh is FULL of seasoned pro’s (aka old fuckers on big money) who couldn’t do enough to win games in the regular season to avoid been in the position you are never mind put away a side from a lower division who have now had your arse twice this season and probably have your SuperLeague place come October.

Rovers ground out an ‘ugly’ win using tactics to do just that, WIN. It’s not cheating its been smarter than the opposition and if Beaumont and his side can’t handle that maybe he should get out of RL like he said, but no doubt once he’s had his nappy changed and Marwan Koukash as winded him he’ll be back with another Twitter rant after some other team have ‘cheated’ his sack of shit out of another game.

Derek Beaumont needs to learn lessons and move on, just like Rovers did from last year. This win in whatever manner it was won in is HUGE in the context of the middle 8s all because the Robins have learned from their mistakes and put them right. If they continue to remember this lesson in the next 5 games, they’ll be back amongst the elite when next season starts.





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