Ferriby grudge matches await

After a memorable season in the National League Ferriby have been relegated back to the National League North.

While relegation is disappointing for everyone involved with the club there is a consolation that can be taken from the drop back into the lower tier.

Ferriby are set to face several grudge matches next season against some old rivals and new foes. These clashes will be mouth-watering for the players and fans alike so let’s take a look at who Ferriby will face.

Boston United: It’s well known that Ferriby and Boston fans do not get along. The Villagers have a lot of history with The Pilgrims. Their fans are some of the most bitter and delusional people you will be unlucky enough to come across in non-league football.

Since their relegation from the Football League several years ago their fans have had delusions of grandeur and love calling Ferriby a “Pub team with money”. Their jealousy is pretty hilarious and they couldn’t control themselves when Ferriby knocked them out of the FA Trophy and came from 2-0 down to beat them in the playoffs.

Their 15-year-old warrior fans will be looking forward to hurling abuse at Ferriby players and fans again whilst the Villagers will look to put them in their place once again.

bitter lemon

Gainsborough Trinity: Gainsborough fans are a pretty similar to Boston’s, there must be something in the water in Lincolnshire.

In fact we have heard that bars in Lincolnshire only serve one drink, Schweppes Bitter Lemon, which may explain why Gainsborough and Boston fans always look like they are chewing on a wasp.

They are also quick to call Ferriby a pub team and are just as jealous of our success as their Boston counterparts. Since Steve Housham left them they have struggled and only just survived to stay in the league. Housham will be relishing going back to his old club and beating them.

It’s not 15-year-old’s that the Villagers fans have to be wary of at Gainsborough it’s their OAP mob who enjoy threatening to batter away supporters with their walking sticks. It’s hard to decide whose fans are more hilarious.

York City: York along with Ferriby were relegated at the end of last season.

This is a new rivalry as the two clubs met competitively for the first time on Boxing Day. There is already some bad blood between the clubs though largely due to Reece Thompson. Thompson left York in acrimonious circumstances and their fans didn’t let him forget it when Ferriby played them. Thompson had the last laugh though when he scored the winning goal in front of their fans at Bootham Crescent.

That added fuel to the fire and some of the abuse Thompson has received on Twitter has been uncalled for. Thompson has now left The Villagers but this is still a local derby and The grand old Dukes of York won’t want to be beaten by everyone’s favourite “pub team” when we face them in the Christmas Double Header.

Halifax Town (AKA Ferriby reserves): When Billy Heath left at the end of last season he took half of his team with him to The Shay. The likes of Liam King, Tom Denton, Josh Wilde, Nathan Hotte and Danny Hone followed him to West Yorkshire.

Heath was quick to make predictions about Ferriby’s fortunes in the National League and he appeared to severely underestimate Steve Housham as he predicted we would struggle to get 15 points.

That brought a laugh to many Ferriby fans last season and it must have been satisfying for Housham. The Ferriby contingent haven’t gone down particularly well with the Halifax fans despite them being promoted through the play-offs. Ferriby are set to face Fax in a friendly and hopefully they will leave Billy Heath red faced.


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  1. Sounds to me like you lot have delusions of grandeur. You don’t have any fans to be rivals with for a start, which is why your making shit up.

    No one in Gainsborough has any interest in the N Ferriby rivalry. Steve is a well known and well liked, local lad but that’s it. He was sacked as Trinity Manager because he wasn’t good enough. Opinions are split but there’s no jealousy.

    Your fairy-tale is over. Wake up

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