Final day thumping summed up the season

Yes, City put up a good fight under Marco Silva, but our relegation to the Championship was confirmed at Palace with a humiliating 4-0 defeat. It that wasn’t bad enough, Spurs demolished us 7-1 on the final day of the season, but in truth the game that really finished us off was the defeat at home by Sunderland.

Pathetic was a word to describe it. In front of a set of fans that still turn out despite a revolting owner, relegation confirmation, and hostility between fans, we went out with a whimper rather than a roar. Without David Marshall, who had a decent game despite picking the ball out of his net seven times, it could have easily been worse.

No sooner had Premier League hitman Harry Kane opened the scoring he had a second and we had given up after thirteen long minutes. Spurs enjoyed the freedom of Hull to put on a real show for their travelling supporters for the final time this season.

Whilst Spurs were close to their best City were pitiful as they seemed to lack any desire to try and make a fight of it. You could argue that relegation had already been confirmed but after a season of turmoil and off the field issues the City faithful have two awful performances to remember throughout the Summer—and with player departures still to come, and despite announcing a new manager that I can’t even pronounce, Leonid Slutsky, it’s going to be a long one.

There’s no Silva now, so FC’s version of the Silva chant will dominate the East Stand, and what a player that Kelly is for them. Anyway moving on. Of course it is not all the players fault for relegation. The seeds were sown last summer with the sheer lack of investment in the squad which was compounded by the sale of the clubs two best players in January.

In truth Marco Silva almost pulled off a miracle but came up short and the final day defeat ends up as the last game of his brief but admirable tenure. We wish him well and thank him for what he did.

It would have been a miracle but once again the blame goes to the owners—who, despite fans continuously ranting about left, right and centre, I don’t want to give them the time and day by calling out. Just leave.

Back to footballing issues and doesn’t this sum it up. Only six of the players stayed on the pitch to applaud the fans who have done their best to stick by the team this season in atrocious and hideous circumstances. We had just sat through a humiliating defeat. The rest scurried straight down the tunnel to avoid facing the music. That’s never a good sign and that can’t happen in the Championship when there will inevitably be some tough days at the office.

In truth that league will be rank next season. There’s loads of has been top flight clubs and it will be a nightmare to get out of. There’s plenty of clubs that think they’re still big and relevant too, the West and South Yorkshire contingent spring to mind, when in reality they have as much relevance as the salad next to the meat on the family BBQ.

The one positive for City in the Spurs game is that Hugo Lloris didn’t go home with a clean sheet. The man who denied the baguette eating Frog the perfect result was Sam Clucas and that in itself shows how this game optimised the club this season.

Having played and scored a goal in the National League, League Two, League One, The Championship and the Premier League in consecutive seasons Clucas was arguably City’s best player this season and always put in a real shift in midfield. He has also chipped in with a few goals including a stunner against Watford. We must keep hold of that Ginger Sort, who can hold his head high after a strong season in a relegated side.

There are certainly a lot of problems at the club and we all know where they stem from.

The fans, players and staff will be hoping the owners make this off season a lot easier than they did the last by giving the Russian Revolution the resources to make the club competitive in the second tier—and despite how good they may be, that doesn’t involve filling the squad with Chelsea loanees.

You see, our new manager, Mr Slutsky, might be mates with Mr Abramovich, but we need a soul, and a group of lads that are here for the long haul, and not another Chuba Akpom.

It if gets us back up to the riches of the Premier League at the first attempt few will complain, but we need some stability now. I for one am sick of our best players leaving for pastures new. I want a group of players that can implement themselves at the club as a core unit.

We are a long way off becoming the next Blackburn Rovers who have fallen into League One but things have to improve significantly otherwise that may be a possibility.

Despite all the turmoil we as fans will continue to stick with our team but we want to see some reward for our loyalty sooner rather than later.



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