Myton smash St Pats

Myton blitzed the visitors from Lancashire with a ten try performance, seven of which were scored in the first half for a 56-4 victory over Wigan St Pats.

However, that wasn’t the only good news of the day, as it was great to see last week’s injury victim, Liam “Dumps” Garnett, watching the match from the bench.

He was indeed living up to his new nickname (earned following his seven trips to the toilet on the visit to Kells a few weeks ago) insofar as he was walking like a man who’d filled his pants whilst forgetting to take the coat hanger out of his shirt! However, all joking aside, it was good to see the big fellow back and looking a lot healthier than the last time most of us saw him disappearing into the back of an ambulance last week.

To the game and, on a glorious day which opened with match ball sponsor, secretary and all-round general factotum, Des Fox mowing the grass like a typical English gardener, the players took to the field.

What was probably just as pleasing for Myton, besides their blistering attack of course, was the effort in defence. Even with a commanding lead did the Warriors graft to prevent the Pies from scoring, with is a pretty fair effort as most of the lads would have probably been gagging to get in the beer garden, such was the sunny nature of the day.

St Pats never really looked like scoring despite many chances, and Myton were able to cruise to victory with some stellar efforts themselves.

Speaking after the game to the gathered world’s media who’d not been invited to Aintree, Myton Head Coach, Tony Spence, was pleased with his side’s efforts.

“I’m delighted we’ve been able to bounce back this week,” he said. “We asked the lads for a response after the disappointment of losing to Skirlaugh last week and we certainly got that today.”

Assistant Coach Dave Wray was unavailable for comment as he was watching the Grand National.


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