Not sleeping properly?

Even being awake for more than 3 seconds is classed as a bad sleep and has huge health implications. It can mean that you’re at increased risk of issues such as type-2 diabetes, just from a poor nights’ sleep. Giving your body the recovery time it needs is critical to a healthy body.

Our bodies are basically cavemen with iPads and televisions. The UV radiation from these devices increases stress hormones, cortisol, which the sun uses to awaken us in a morning through circadian rhythm. There is a tonne of research out there about the benefits of having your phone, tablet or laptop set up to correctly to reduce the impact on your eyes. Applications like f.lux, google it for more information, block out the blue light which increases the stress hormones which inhibit sleep quality.

It’s also important to turn your emails off at a good time and don’t even consider looking at them until your working day starts. Your body needs its rest!

Finally, try magnesium before bedtime. You will know instantly if it’s beneficial, but trust me…99% of the time people sleep better with it. As we become more stressed, our bodies have an exponential requirement for magnesium, which calms the body and improves R.E.M. Sleep. This readily available supplement can be picked up from most supermarkets at little cost and is well worth a try.

Give it a go and let me know if you feel the benefit.


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