Dave Wilkinson

les-dawson-in-1975My big passion is Rugby League. I’ll watch anything with an odd shaped ball, as long as it’s played to the correct set of rules.

I have a strange sense of humour, and drive my long-suffering wife mad with some of the things that I find funny.

I’m addicted to Twitter because it’s hard to waffle in only 140 characters, give me a follow @weroamtherange.

Sports Followed: Rugby, Football and Snail Racing

Clubs Supported: Hull FC, Newcastle United and NZ Warriors

What’s the day job: Company Director

Lookalikey: Gareth Hale from Hale & Pace

Interesting fact: I have no luck with pets. Of our 3 family dogs, 1 is epileptic, 1 is deaf and the last one eats everything including £10 notes.

Embarrassing fact: Once dressed as a woman for a fancy dress party, I looked almost as good as Les Dawson when he wigged up. Unfortunately there are photos!

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