Pirates tamed by the Tigers

The Hull Pirates have suffered another defeat at the hands of league leaders Telford Tigers tonight, going down 5-2 to the Shropshire outfit.

Despite a brilliant start to the weekend when the Pirates travelled to Sheffield on Friday and completed an outstanding come from behind win to take the Bradfield Brewery Cup from their bitter Yorkshire rivals they have fallen to successive league defeats to Peterborough Phantoms at home last night and Telford away tonight.

The Tigers opened the scoring on 8:53 when straight from a face off Doug Clarkson beat Vlastomil Lakosil in the Pirates net. After the Pirates found themselves shorted handed, Rick Plant used the extra space to power home the Tigers second of the night to lead 2-0. A little over a minute later though, the Pirates scoring machine Andrej Themar pulled a goal back for the Pirates on 15:42, this was last of any meaningful action of the period and the teams went back to the changing rooms with the Tigers holding a slender lead, 2-1.

The second period was more a story of ‘sit downs’ then ‘shots’ as players from both sides were sent to the penalty box for various transgressions, most notable was Hull born Tigers forward Matty Davies who was sent for a ten minute ‘cool down’ for personal misconduct after he abused the officials.He was then followed into the penalty box for an extended period by the Pirates Martin Ondrej who after initially been called for cross checking received a further ten minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct after slamming the penalty box door! The only goal of the period came on 39:46 when Doug Clarkson fed Corey McEwen from behind the goal to extend the Tigers lead to 3-1.

The third period would see more goals and penalties, the Tigers would make it 4-1 on 48:25 whem Sam Zajac netted quickly followed by goal number 5 on 52:03 when ex Hull man Jason Silverthorn tipped in a goal bound Jones effort.On 56:35 Jon Kirk of the Pirates and Milan Kolena of the Tigers dropped gloves and got acquainted resulting in Kirk receiving a 2+2 penalty for roughing and Kolena eventually been ejected from the game after receiving 2 for tripping, 2+2 for roughing and 10 minutes for misconduct! Into the last three minutes and the Pirates scored a consolation goal when Nathan Salem netted to make the final score Telford Tigers 5 Hull Pirates 2.

Hull Pirates man of the match award went to Jon Kirk whilst Corey Goodison took the award for the hosts.

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