My Thunder team-mates by Jezz Newton

Jezz Newton:

The father figure of the team. He’s the utility player that favours outside hitting. An exceptional passer and consistent hitter with a real eye for the game. Able to switch in to any required role, he’s a useful resource for any team. What this bloke doesn’t know about volleyball isn’t worth

Martin Worsnop:

The grandad of the team. He’s a former setter now playing Libero. He is known for his consistent passing, setting and moustache-wearing. A great strategist on the court and able to volley into open space with sniper-like accuracy. He’s forgotten more about
volleyball than some of them ever knew!

Daniel Foster:

The big brother of the team. He’s coach, setter, outside hitter, you name it, he does it. He is able to play with or without his eyesight and more often than not with a smile on his face. His confidence and ability on the court are
exceptional. His love of the game is unsurpassed as is the size of his ego!

Phil Todd:

The naughty child. Phil is a former setter now playing libero and
occasionally outside hitter. He is a really useful addition to any team, his developing jump serve is set to be a force to be reckoned with. Jump-serving, libero-playing, cake-baking, outside-hitter. ‘nuff said!

Urban Frackiewicz:

The uncle of the team. Urban is a power hitter and solid passer. Give him any kind of set and he will try and bury it in the opposition’s side of the court. Great all-rounder and able to cover the court with ease.
Opposition beware, try and block him if you dare!

Wayne Barber:

The shifty uncle of the team. Wayne is a strong middle hitter and blocker. He is able to cover the front court quickly, his blocking
ability is heavily relied upon by his teammates. His height and
ever-evolving timing make his role as a middle hitter ideally suited to him.He is wise beyond his years, he’s an old head on young(ish) shoulders!

Olivier Shema:

The baby of the team. Olivier is a long serving (often too long) middle hitter for the team. He is able to play outside when necessary. His hitting ability is exceptional favouring a quick ball from the setter. Regular big hitter, regular wally of the year winner.

Eriks Kolichev:

The other granddad of the team. Eriks is a eft handed power hitter. His consistent power hitting is not only a useful weapon in the team’s arsenal, but is often relied upon when play is going awry. A consistent passer and strategist his powerful left arm can devastate unprepared blocks.

If something isn’t working he’ll tell you, even if you don’t want to know!


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